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   Hello All, I have built this page to have a central location to store all of our family images and videos. Please feel free to browse around, you can look to your hearts content or download anything you please for your private use. This is a work in progress so check back often and see what new family jewels have been added. Most of all back up your images not just the ones you get from here but all of your smart devices and computers. If you are unsure of safe ways to do this please ask, I will walk you through it.

   Most of the images in these galleries where taken by me or my wife. Having said that I have gotten many pictures from my parents to scan as well and hope to get more. I hope to raid my brothers stash some day as well. If you have images you would like to share with the family here please call, text, or email me and I will let you know how to get them to me. Scanning of negatives and old photos is very time intensive and are much harder for me to do time wise. Digital though is much easier.  

   If you have never looked at any of my Photography please feel free to check out the rest of my website by using the menu buttons above. Most of the family know how much I have always enjoyed photography, but not all of you may know that at a young age of 48 I have been treating it more like a business. I am open to any kind of input from my family good, bad, or ugly.

One side note, this page is not just for the Coats clan it is also for our extended families. It is a private webpage that is not published for everyone to see, so you should bookmark the link you where emailed. You will not be able to find our family page by going to my website. You also must use the password to gain access to our page, so don't lose it.  And I will be using passwords for all the galleries as well. There is a built in clock to my website that allows passwords to work for 24 hours, after that you will need to re input them.  On rare occasions  some of the galleries may not be open to all due to a special request of a family member, please do not take it wrong if this happens we have to respect all of our family's wishes, not that this has came up yet.

My email is: imagesbybc@gmail.com

My phone: 1-941-720-4347

I truly love all of you, my family! 


Film And Negative Gallery is exactly that, I have been scanning old and new film images of the family and putting them here. In most cases I am just scanning them and tweaking them very little as to not lose the feeling of them being film both old and new. Hence they may not be in focus, not exposed well, or generally not great photos from a technical stand point. But all the technical correctness means very little compared to what these images mean to our soul. All these images mean so much more to me than any of my professional work, I hope you agree!  Some would argue "including me" that looking at  images on a computer screen or tablet just does not have the same zing as a good old photograph. Think to yourselves the last time you looked at printed images, how you would stop and look at it for a good spell, versus a tablet or smart phone where the person controlling it has already swiped right or clicked to the next images before you can really soak in what you where looking at. As a paid photographer I often find myself looking at my computer screen editing images and longing for the days that I worked in photo labs, or make an image and not know if I nailed the exposure until I developed and printed the images.  In many cases I have developed film years after being shot, what a time capsule.       

Digital Imagery Galleries, are more modern memories caught on digital devices such as smartphones, tablets, and cameras. all these images shared here are not mine " most are" but from everyone in the family. In the modern age we are spoiled by the ability to take pretty good images with our smart devices. Unlike when we all shot on film "I Still Do" prints have all but died, this is very sad because for the most part gone are the days of setting down with family to look at photos of anything important. There are exceptions but none that replace the feel of paper printed images. Another down side to our phone cameras is most of us do not back them up sufficiently, so all of them could be lost. with a phone dying, computer hard drive failing and yes for you social media hounds they can be lost out there too if someone like facebook or Instagram decided to change the way they handle your images. If you read the terms of use of social media you will see they can at any time change what they want. That is one of the reason's I have made this page, the more people that have these images the less likely they well ever become lost in history for ever. Please feel free to download and even print these images or use your tablets and laptops and sit down with loved ones and look at them. Not just now but next year and every year after that.            

Film & Negative Scans

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